Lifetime Warranty

Syncrnet guarantees all non-active cables, components, parts, assemblies and labor for the life of the assembly to the original distributor or buyer.

Repair or Replace

We will repair or replace any assembly that failed under normal use. We are not responsible for cosmetic repairs or the replacement of any product that was damaged by misuse.


We will not be responsible for any assemblies that were altered, repaired or changed by the end-user or any other party. Tampering or attempts to repair the product will make this warranty “null and void.

To Obtain Repair

To obtain warranty repair, you must first contact our sales or customer service dept to facilitate return of the product and to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number.


The product must be returned freight collect on our shipping number in acceptable packaging with the RMA clearly marked on the outside of the box. We will not accept any packages with freight due. Product shipped without an RMA will be returned at the sender’s expense.


Once we have received the package we will determine if the product failure was a result of faulty components or workmanship. If it is determined that we are responsible for the product failure we will repair or replace the product within 10 calendar days at no expense to the customer.

25 Year System Warranty

We offer a complete 25-year System Warranty on eligible installations registered with our manufacturer. This warranty assures customers their registered structured cabling system’s performance will meet all relevant cabling system standards for up to 25 years.


To be eligible for the 25-year System Warranty, the system must be registered with our manufacturer, installed by Syncrnet or our manufacturer's Certified Installers or their Project Authorized Installer, and must meet all program requirements. Our 25 Year System Warranty is subject to terms, conditions and limitations. Information on this page is subject to change without notice.

Custom Cable Assemblies

We provide a lifetime product warranty guaranteed against defects and labor on all off the shelf and custom assemblies. (Important Note: Custom cable assemblies are noncancelable and nonreturnable). Before placing in use, the buyer shall determine the suitability of the product for their intended use or application. The buyer assumes all risks and liabilities in connection therewith. This warranty does not include labor for removal or installation of product. As mentioned above all warranties are “null and void” if product is reconfigured, installed improperly, installed in an improper environment or misused