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40G Fanout Cable 40G Fanout Cable.. Product #: Universal LC elite

40G Fanout Cable

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40G Fanout Cable

40G Fanout Cable On the cutting edge of 40G development, TCS has been consulted by top industry names to work with R&D labs to develop and/or modify their products. From transceivers, active cables, passive cables, or panels, TCS offers end-to-end 40G functionality.

Performance Specifications
  • MTPĀ®/MPO Insertion Loss <0.35dB
  • MTPĀ® Elite Connectors Available
  • SC and LC, UPC and PC Polish <0.25dB
  • SC and LC, APC Polish <0.5dB
  • Riser (OFNR) or Plenum (OFNP)
  • Fiber Types: Plus Corning 62.5/125 * Plus Corning 50/125 Clearcurve Om3 * Corning Clearcurve 50/125 Om4 * Plus Corning SMF-28eXB (G.657.A1)
  • Meets All Industry Standards
  • RoHS Compliant
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