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Fiber Patch Cable – MM OM4 Fiber Patch Cable – MM OM4.. Product #: Fiber Patch Cable – MM OM4

Fiber Patch Cable – MM OM4

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Fiber Patch Cable – MM OM4

Fiber Patch Cables: In the data centers fiber patch cables carry critical information every day.

This means that the cable has to be very robust and reliable for a long period of time. To make sure we meet these standards all fibers cables are made to meet the EIA/TIA standards and in fact some network manufactures use our cables for performance testing. All our fiber patch cords come with the part number and serial number at each end. This can greatly decrease the time to the install since no extra labeling would be needed and can also help resolve issues in the field faster. We offer all the different types of terminations and also make custom lengths for customers within one week.

  • Low insertion loss
  • Low back reflection
  • Customer defined specification
  • Every cable tested, report included
  • Unique Serial number and part number on each end of cable for easier installation and reorder
  • Terminations Types: Universal LC™ , SC Uniboot, LC, SC, FC, ST,MTRJ, MTP®/MPO, E2000, MU • Polish Types: SM UPC, SM APC, and MM PC
  • Fiber Types: BIF- Bend Insensitive Fiber (High Bend Radius) • Plus Corning 62.5/125 • Corning Clearcurve 50/125 Om3 • Corning Clearcurve 50/125 OM4 • Corning Clearcurve SMF-28eXB (G.657.A1)
  • Batch testing by Dorc Machine
  • Customization: Length, packaging, bar coding, labeling, stocking programs, color and style of cable

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